Dealum, the leading deal flow and collaboration platform for angel groups headquartered in Tartu, Estonia, and Keiretsu Forum, a global investment community of accredited private equity investors, venture capitalists, and corporate/institutional investors, announced their partnership aimed at enhancing the efficiency of deal flow and collaboration in the angel investing ecosystem.

The partnership combines Dealum's expertise in providing tools for deal sharing and syndication, pipeline and funnel management, and investor communication with Keiretsu Forum's global network of investors and diverse investment opportunities. This collaboration will enable angel investors in Keiretsu Forum’s global network to access a larger pool of investment opportunities while streamlining the deal flow process.

"Our extensive network of angel investors in 33 North American chapters, along with our 40+ angel group syndication partners, rely heavily on secure online sharing of investment and due diligence data," reports Howard Lubert, Area President Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic and South-East. "To meet these demands, we utilize the Dealum platform. Our collaboration helped us customize the software for secure deal flow sharing while ensuring transparency and enabling optimal founder-to-funder collaboration."

"We are extremely excited to collaborate with Keiretsu Forum network as we see great opportunity in their extensive global reach,” said Seren Rumjancevs, CEO of Dealum. “Angel group syndication is the impact the Dealum platform has been built to deliver and we believe this collaboration will create a more efficient early-stage investor ecosystem."

The partnership between Dealum and Keiretsu Forum will enable their angel investors to access a larger pool of investment opportunities while streamlining the deal flow process. The collaboration will also create a more collaborative and efficient early-stage investor ecosystem.

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