Investor groups

From industry insights to how-tos for the early-stage investors and group managers.

Due Diligence in Angel Investing

Due diligence can sound like an elaborate legal process, but the scope largely depends on the stage of the startup. Evaluating startups is both an art and a science and best results are achieved when combining instincts and experience with the data.

Your daily deal flow dilemma

There is a very specific dilemma investor group managers face in their operations - should they focus on deal flow quality or quantity? Today we discuss the two opposing camps, what are the positives and negatives of both, and what can be done to overcome some of their problems.

The future of angel investing

Angel investing scene is maturing and attracting the next generation of high-net-worth individuals. Knowledge exchange and cooperation become increasingly more important. What else lies ahead in the angel investing future?

13 ways to monetise your investor group

A few subjects in the early-stage investing ecosystem result in a heated discussion and monetising access to seed capital is one of them. Still, angels are a crucial part of the ecosystem and therefore need to be able to feed themselves in order to survive. Here’s our guide to more revenue streams.