Dealum is built to support and enable organizations that provide early-stage capital to startups, such as angel networks. We see that these organizations play a crucial role in the pre-seed community and therefore helping them to become more efficient and successful will make an impact on the whole ecosystem.

Although the majority of the tools on our platform are developed specifically to help angel group operators save time and be more productive, we recognize that it’s equally crucial to engage and activate their investor members. An investor group with active members is much more likely to succeed, after all. That’s why we have put significant effort into ensuring that angel investor members find the platform easy to navigate and it becomes a valuable resource.

Here are the three key benefits for angel group members to use the Dealum platform.

1. Find the best deals effortlessly

With Dealum, it’s easy to find, navigate, and manage investment opportunities. A streamlined procedure for sourcing and presenting potential deals makes assessing the opportunities fast and effortless. 

As a member of a deal room, you can: 

  • Refer companies you know by inviting them to apply to the deal room; 
  • Easily find deals that match your investment criteria by using deal flow filters; 
  • Follow interesting deals to receive important updates before it’s too late;
  • Share and discuss deals with other members;
  • Rate and evaluate the deals and view results;
  • Access all deal-related information, documents, and communication in one place;
  • Participate in industry-specific and other discussion topics within the group. 

2. Invest in a transparent and collaborative way

Discussing the deals and indicating investment interests is convenient and straightforward. Deal-specific spaces facilitate transparency and allow an engaging way to collaborate with various parties. Improved collaboration and interaction result in better quality deals that are closed faster.  

During the investment process, you can: 

  • Indicate your funding interests – even on the phone during live events;
  • See which companies are getting more attention and funding interests from other members;
  • Take on the role of a lead investor in funding rounds;
  • Access all due diligence and funding round information in one place;
  • Send messages to companies and ask for more information;
  • Discuss round-related topics internally with other members or syndication partners. 

3. A ‘one-stop-shop’ for your investment activities

As a member of an angel group, you can find all investment information and activities in one place. There’s clarity and structure in your day-to-day interaction with your group and an easy way to track portfolio performance. We are confident you’ll love Dealum’s simple, intuitive design and well-designed communication, collaboration, and information management toolset. 

Using the Dealum platform allows you to: 

  • Stay up to date with news and information your group is sharing;
  • Access all relevant communication and data in one place;
  • Find information about the group’s upcoming events and watch recordings of past events;
  • Have an overview of the investments made within the group;
  • Keep an eye on the portfolio value and exits;
  • View reports from companies;
  • View and share documents that are related to investments; 
  • Download information about personal investments; 
  • Discuss portfolio companies with other investors of the company. 

From investee and member communication to voting for deals, as a group member, you need to be in the loop.

With Dealum, all members can be sure they have the information they need – when they need it.

Dealum offers a comprehensive toolkit to discover, evaluate, and close deals, fostering transparency and collaboration within the group. By focusing on communication, investor engagement, and the flow of information, Dealum contributes to the success of the angels, investor groups, and the pre-seed ecosystem as a whole.

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