Due Diligence in Angel Investing

Due diligence can sound like an elaborate legal process, but the scope largely depends on the stage of the startup. Evaluating startups is both an art and a science and best results are achieved when combining instincts and experience with the data.

The fine art of asking for advice (for a startup)

There’s a time in every company’s life when the knowledge and experience within the team just don’t cut it anymore and an external expert is needed. Where to start and what should be kept in mind? How can angels help the process? Here’s our take on the fine art of asking for advice for a startup.

How to level up the fundraising game

Fundraising is a game of many levels and same as with any other game, you should start at the beginning - from the business angels - to learn the game in order to succeed. But what if the company needs to raise more? Where to find additional funding to close the round? Read more to find out.