The Dealum platform is built with one goal in mind — to make life easier for angel network managers. We believe that technology can help reduce the manual labor related to the daily affairs of running an angel investor group, such as managing the funnel or member communication. The more efficient the angel groups are, the better for the whole startup and early-stage capital ecosystem.

Although the majority of groups finance their operations from membership or startup fees (or both), collecting the fees as well as tracking the status of each individual member or company is often complicated and error-prone. With our Stripe integration, fee collection can be a breeze for the managers and a pleasant experience for the payers!

Why Stripe integration?

Stripe allows you to collect payments with limited manual effort and in a completely safe and secure environment. Transactions take place on your Stripe account and the funds will be transferred to your organization’s bank account instantly — the money and data do not pass through Dealum at any point during the transaction. As a result, the members and companies can also feel confident about the security of their credit card and banking details which are only handled by Stripe.

How to start?

To add Stripe integration to your deal room, contact your account manager or support. Once the integration is added to your existing subscription plan, you can conveniently set up your Stripe account and payment plans from Dealum and start collecting payments.

As a deal room admin, you can configure separate payment plans for different member groups and company applications.

When setting up the integration, you are the full owner of your Stripe account and in a direct contractual relationship with Stripe. Refunds and disputes can be managed on the Stripe platform.

The payment requested from the payer is exactly the amount configured by you for the specific plan. The responsibility for including relevant taxes in the amount is on you.

Please note: Dealum does not handle refunds or taxes.

Reduce the friction for members and startups

Your customers (members or companies) can initiate payment from within the Dealum application by clicking on the payment request notification and it only takes a few clicks to complete the transaction. To make the transaction as safe as possible, all credit card and banking details remain within Stripe. Dealum doesn’t collect or store this information.

Manage membership statuses easily

Dealum automatically tracks your customer's paid-until date and adjusts it right after the payment. Deal room admins can manually override paid-until dates. They can also send payment reminder emails to the customers, but not invoices or receipts — these should be managed on the Stripe platform.

Dealum shows the deal room admin that a specific member or company is in debt but doesn’t apply any automatic sanctions. The manager can decide whether they want to apply any punishment (limit access or remove from funnel) or not.

Please note: Dealum doesn’t block access if your customer doesn’t pay.

Add power to your processes!

Stripe integration is an add-on service and priced separately from your main Dealum subscription at €100/month. Additional payment processing fees apply, paid directly to Stripe — please refer to Stripe pricing for more info.

You can add even more power to your procceses with Dealum’s selection of integrations. If you have a feature in mind that would help make your everyday life easier through Dealum, let us know!