Dealum is now the investment process management platform for France Angels, one of the leading national networks Federation in Europe for Business Angels and early-stage investors. This is the first nationwide adoption of Dealum, onboarding 64 angel investor groups to the platform.

Onboarding a whole country is a step up for the Dealum team as the company has mostly served individual groups until now. Regional and national umbrellas are a new direction for Dealum with France Angels joining other leading umbrella networks that have recently moved to the platform, such as Angel Investors Ontario (CA) and Keiretsu Forum (US).

France Angels heard about Dealum two years ago from Business Angels Europe. Dealum presented the platform at the BAE Club event and this led to a discussion about a wider collaboration as France Angels were starting to look for a new network investment process management tool. “France Angels was looking for a SaaS offering covering collaborative work processes typically dealt with within BANs or investors groups. Dealum was selected because its software was covering deal flow management, as well as collaborative due diligence, closing and portfolio management, better than any competitor in the market, for a reasonable price,” explained Philippe Gluntz, President Emeritus of France Angels and Business Angels Europe.

Tanguy de La Fouchardiere, former President of France Angels who will be coordinating the adoption process, added: “After the pilot phase we are confident that Dealum will provide a professional support and will develop new functionalities”. Dealum plans to onboard all French angels networks within the next few years.

Dealum will provide the French angel investment community with tools to upgrade the workflow and processes for startup screening and member communication. The platform is designed to maximise efficiency and collaboration through the whole deal flow management process, from collecting and evaluating applications to syndicating with other investor groups.

France Angels is the national Federation of 64 French Business Angel networks with over 5.500 active individual Business Angels. Since 2001 their members have invested over €736M and have more than 2.500 companies in the portfolio.

Dealum is the leading deal flow and collaboration platform for angel investor groups. The platform is built with angel network managers in mind making deal sharing and syndication, pipeline and funnel management, and investor communication more efficient while creating a collaborative early-stage investor ecosystem.

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