The end of the year is a great time to slow down, reflect on the past 12 months and while looking back, gain respect for the journey that has led us here. Gathering all the achievements, big or small, in one list brings a lot of gratitude and pride helping to move forward with an even bigger passion. Here’s a list of the Dealum team’s highlights from 2022!


Starting small and steady, we focused on setting the stage for the remainder of the year, planning the roadmap as well as markets and segments to focus on.

We also released a significant update - the deal room dashboard - from beta! Group managers can share the most important news there and add essential links and documents to the sidebar. The dashboard has become one of the key elements helping to improve the communication of angel groups on the platform!


We initiated a pilot to encourage more deal-sharing on the platform. Investor group managers can join their regional space - the US or European deal rooms to share deals between themselves and discover new exciting opportunities that others have shared.


Our first nationwide adoption! Dealum became the investment process management platform for France Angels, with a goal to onboard all 64 French angel investor groups over the next couple of years.

There was also a significant product update - groups can now collect fees not only from their members but also from companies with our Stripe integration. After the initial setup, automated payment collection makes the process so much easier and more transparent! Read more about Stripe integration from our blog.


We celebrated our 5th birthday! We asked our friends and partners to join the festivities to share valuable knowledge - Equidam talked about calculating valuation, and representatives from different business angel groups and umbrella organizations shared how they see the angel investing future at the panel discussion.

More angel groups discover Dealum, among others, ICLUB and Kytotech who joined our platform in April.


Visiting Atlantic City and meeting old and new clients from North America at the ACA Summit of Angel Investing was the highlight of May! So many good conversations, and we even organized a small breakfast briefing event together with Keiretsu Forum to discuss the best practices of angel group syndication.

The word is spreading on the US market and nine investor groups joined Dealum, including HealthTech Capital and E8 Angels.


Although summer is usually a slow time for businesses, we had the opposite - nine new customers also this month, including Golden Seeds, CTAN, SeedFunders, and Houston Angel Network. This meant a lot of onboarding calls for our customer support and a massive amount of data being migrated by the tech team!


The fast growth did not slow down - we welcomed Tamiami Angels among seven other groups who joined Dealum!

To help the customers in their migration to Dealum, we prepared a blog post for tips and tricks that make the process as smooth as possible.


We had worked hard all summer and needed more people to spread the load. So we welcomed Ella to the team! She joined as tech support and wants to continue on the tech-y career path to hopefully becoming one of the developers in the future.

Major industry news broke from Proseeder - they decided to close the company after many years of providing angel groups with a deal flow management tool. This brought us many new prospects and more workload to support clients who needed to migrate to a new platform.

Sand Hill Angels joined Dealum as well as AIN Ventures, Red Bear Angels, and more.


We took a day off to gather the team in Estonia and learn new survival skills in the wild. That’s another layer of security!

As suggested by our angel group managers community, we initiated regular experience-sharing meetups to offer our customers a chance to learn from each other about the best practices of angel group management (and using Dealum for this) and to share their own tips. We also had the first quarterly admin training open to all deal room admins who want to refresh their memories or learn about the newly added functionality.

Autumn also brought many new customers from across the globe, including OQAL, Life Science Angels, Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic and Keiretsu Forum Midwest.


We visited European Angel Investment Summit in Brussels and during the workshop, our CEO Seren talked about Dealum and how to activate your group members using online tools. Read more from our blog on why active members matter. It was great to see old and new friends, but also to meet new people from the early-stage investment ecosystem!

After seeing many cap tables in our lives, we condensed our know-how into a blog post. You can read about three main takes on what to keep in mind and which common pitfalls to avoid when shares are being discussed.


We organized a webinar with Equidam on the topic of startup & portfolio valuation for angel investors. You can watch the recording here!

Lewis, our New Business Manager, visited German Business Angels Day, where Business Angels Club Berlin gave a keynote about how they use Dealum.

We released the first version of a new feature called the data room. The data room is a dedicated space on the company application to manage the more sensitive and confidential due diligence documents.


We are very grateful for our long-term collaboration with EBAN and Business Angels Europe and keep on building the partnerships across the globe to bring efficient angel investing tools to more early-stage investor groups. In December, we were excited to announce oven-fresh partnerships with the Angel Capital Association and Saudi Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

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